Budget laundromat for all your washing needs. Modern washers and dryers and comfortable seats in-store.  Alongside washing services, drying, ironing and dry cleaning services are available too!

Choose your size

Our 9 KG washing machine takes 50% more than your average top-loading laundromat machines.   price:   $4.00 per load   (39 minutes)

our large 14KG GAS dryer dry faster and are great for large load                                                         price:    $1.00 for 5 minutes

Our super Large 21 KG GAS dryers dry faster and are great for huge loads or large minks,blankets   price:    $1.00 for 4 minutes

Our 18KG Big Wash takes over 3 normal domestic loads and up to 2 King Size duvets .                     price:     $8.00 per load

Our 20 KG bigger washer over 4 normal domestic load. up to 3 queen size blanket                           special price:  $8.00 per load

Our 25 KG biggest washer over 5 normal domestic load. up to 3 king size blanket                             extra low price: $10.00  per load

shop 1:    25 Fantame st cannons creek porirua

shop 2:    15 whitehouse road Titahi bay porirua