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Sleeping bag

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Dry Cleaning AAA dry cleaning acknowledges the responsibility of caring for our customers garments by adhering to the following seven step process to complete the cleaning of your garments:

1.            Detailing: Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning. This includes button or ornamental protection or removal, surface and structural surveying, evaluating for serviceability, and more.

2.            Stain Removal: All garments are inspected thoroughly for any stains and the AAA dry cleaning professionals use proven traditional and advanced modern techniques to remove stains.

3.            Cleaning: The appropriate dry cleaning process and hand cleaning procedures are chosen for each garment using the latest technology and the purest and greenest of solvents.

4.            Hand Finishing: AAA dry cleaning experienced pressers individually finish your garment to your specific requirements. 5.            Minor Repairs: AAA dry cleaning attends to loose hems, open seams, loose buttons, etc.

6.            Inspection: Every garment is formally inspected to ensure that it meets the rigorous AAA dry cleaning standards before packaging.

7.            Packaging: Most garments are protected with a quality plastic robe.  in order to ensure the safe return your garments.

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